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Ashley Kerr(non-registered)
Gary’s photos are fantastic, I have a couple of them at home and I am also planning to put a few of them up on display in the pub I run.
Sadie Skipworth aka LadySadie66(non-registered)
The photographs are truly out of this world, stunning, I have seen many photographs in my life, but you definitely have the eye. Your work draws me in and every picture tells a story! Cannot be more complimentary. Excellent work!
Hi Gary - love your images! They're so colorful and yet not over-saturated.
I'm glad we're connected via Twitter as well - looking forward to see more of your pics!!!
pat hornbrook(non-registered)
nice work
Larry Keahey(non-registered)
Fantastic photographs and I truely enjoyed viewing your galleries. Looking forward to viewing even more of your future work.
Jamie Street(non-registered)
Stunning photography, it is a great pleasure to have some of Gary's photos available on my website

Keep up the great work!

Susan McGurk(non-registered)
Looking good.
Lovely work.
Some really awesome work! Am very impressed!

I've posted a link to my facebook profile :)

All the best

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