Gary's passion for photography is such that for the past twenty four years he can be found out in the wild at all times of the day and night looking for the right shot. He particularly favours the light of dawn and sunset and in his work he aims to capture the essence of a place. He seeks to convey peace and serenity in his work and hopes that this transmits to the viewer.

His particular love is the natural world which he photographs all year round. Being a city boy originally he also takes urban scenes looking for moments of stillness amidst the rush and bustle.

He exhibits and sells his work in Norfolk, London and via his website. His work has been used for many purposes: it has appeared in magazines, been used on the cover of a CD and a novel, featured in books and been used as publicity material by the Richmond Fellowship. His work has also done well in competitions and he has received many commendations for it including being a finalist in the International Garden Photographer of the Year 2009.

"The camera doesn't take the picture it is merely a tool like an artist's brush and palette". GR.